Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FCC Step One: Informal Complaints

We didn’t get the news we wanted from ToledoTel or CenturyLink at the meeting on April 8th.  We are moving to the next step.  It is time for each of us to start filing complaints individually to the FCC.  Mark Velasco has filed the first complaint and received a ticket number.  He has a contact at the FCC who will be following the complaint and watching out for additional complaints from Winlock.

Filing a complaint against CenturyLink with the FCC is pretty straightforward. Click here for a link to the online form.

CenturyLink will be served with your complaint directly from the FCC.  They are required by law to respond in writing and cc: the FCC with their response within 30 Days.  The more complaints they receive, the more pressure it will put on CenturyLink. Please note, this is not a complaint to CenturyLink customer service. This will be handled by a special department within that company with regards to their potential violation of Federal laws, specifically the Open Internet Order of 2015.
When you fill out the complaint form, Mark’s FCC contact suggested you choose "Open Internet" as the issue.  You must provide the company name you're filing a complaint against and your account number. If you have screen grabs from SpeedTest.net, Testmy.net, etc. or any other images that you'd like to include, you can upload them with your complaint.  Since this is a Violation of the Open Internet Order, our goal is to go after Transparency Issues.  Key terminology is important.  CenturyLink sold us service but didn't tell us about"overloaded lines" or "lines being over capacity" or "lack of bandwidth."  Concentrate on speeds slower than promised. Complaints need to stay focused on Lack of Transparency.  Here are some words/phrases that can be used.  Feel free to add or edit:

  • CenturyLink was not transparent about the ongoing major issues with their service
  • CenturyLink was not transparent about the fact that they have no intention of upgrading service or providing service at or near their advertised packages
  • They did not inform me speeds would not even be close to what I was paying for
  • If I would have known there were so many issues with their service, I wouldn't have signed up or would rather wait until the issues are resolved.
  • They never told me that having more devices on the connection would bog it down
  • They never told me they "oversold" the bandwidth
  • When I signed up, I was never informed that I wouldn't have enough speed to accomplish my work, or have the inability to download movies.
  • I wasn't informed the lines were oversold and nobody else could sign up

If you need help, please reach out the internet group here in Winlock and we'll do what we can to help you.


  1. Atta Girl, Michelle! Don't give up just because your meeting with a public apologist from Big Cable netted Winlock a big fat NO. Wonder what it would take to conjure up some competition...Now there's a biz opportunity just waiting...

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