Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Town Crier's Nolan Patching has a Solid Recap of the Meeting

"In impressive numbers, citizens of Winlock came together at the Winlock Community Building on April 7th to address the problem of high-speed internet around the area. While citizens for the most part inside of the city limits have high speed internet through CenturyLink, many outside the city limits and in the surrounding areas are cut off from this due to bandwidth limits. The meeting was much anticipated and it was shown in the enthusiasm of the crowd who eagerly wanted to speak to the representatives of ToledoTel and CenturyLink." Click here to read the full article.

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  1. I live in rural Missouri.
    I have had centurylink internet for 12 years.
    Until I moved.
    The thing is... I lived here before and started my account eith centurylink in the very house. We bought another place in 2007 and had our internet moved there no problem.
    Both houses are on the same service box. The houses are appox 300 yards apart.
    Last August I had to move back to the original house.
    Centurylink said they could not moved my internet back here due to not enough ports. The area is exhausted they say.
    There are no new homes here...this is an established farming area with estsblished families.
    I am beyond aggravated and understand your battle.
    I just do not understand how in 2016 there is not internet everywhere.
    Just sending my support to you all and hoping we all find satisfaction.


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