Sunday, March 13, 2016

Who's Up for Some Documenting, Complaining, Filing, Waiting & Resolving (Hopefully)?

Last year Lifehacker posted suggestions for How to File a Complaint Against Your ISP and Finally Solve Your Problems.  I will summarize the parts that are relative to the issue in our area but I recommend you click the link and read the whole article.  Thanks to Mark V. for pointing me toward this info.

Lifehacker gives instructions for filing a complaint with the FCC against the ISP but there needs to be some groundwork first.  The tips in this post might be helpful for those of us who have been able to obtain service but I'm afraid they won't offer much for those of us who have been denied service.

First: Many of us have been using to assess our speeds.  Keep it up.  And keep records.  Do your tests regularly register results that don't meet the advertised speed?  What speed differences are you noticing between your plugged in devices and your wifi devices?  To file a complaint with the FCC you will need to show  repeated service under-performance.  Wifi data will not be as compelling as plugged in data.

Second: (Don't laugh - I know many of you have put in many an hour on the phone already) Try to resolve the problem with CenturyLink first.  Keep track of all conversations with them either via phone or chat.  Keep any promotional materials they have provided advertising speeds, contracts, etc.  Please refer to the LifeHacker post for more info.  I don't want to jack their post without giving them traffic and the info is important.

Third: File your complaint with the FCC using this form. (Again, the Lifehacker post is chock full of info here).

Fourth:  Wait.  Once the FCC sends your complaint to the ISP, the ISP has 30 days to respond.  If a resolution can be reached, great.  If not it may be time to file a formal complaint.  A formal complaint has a $200 price tag so here's hoping it won't come to that.

Those of you who embark on this route to resolution, please keep us all posted either on the FaceBook group page or by sending me an email and having me post here on the blog.

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