Sunday, December 27, 2015

Letter from Senator John Braun's office

Ms. Conrow,

Senator Braun asked me to look into the issues surrounding the Winlock area as it relates to internet and Centurytel. Here is some information that I was able to find – I know that this doesn’t answer all the questions. Unfortunately, the Utilities and Trade Commission does not regulate internet, so while a staff member there was able to find the information below for you, there is nothing they can do that would affect the internet decisions made by Centurytel. I am still trying to find answers to your 4th & 5th question.

Best regards,

Ruth Peterson
20th District Legislative Assistant
On behalf of Senator John Braun
Office: (360) 786.7638
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I wasn’t able to track down answers to all the questions but I did find some information that I hope is helpful.

The $24.4M that CenturyLink received is expected to expand broadband to 58,961 homes and business throughout Washington.   Of that, $1.3M is marked for Lewis County for 3,838 homes and businesses over six years (Q2).

Q1: Areas that qualify for investment must have an average monthly cost-per-location that is between high (above the $52.50) and “extremely high” (below a $198.60), and are not otherwise served by a competitor.  The FCC has an interactive map that shows which areas are eligible and which are not and why. I included a screen print of Winlock and you can see that parts of the city are eligible and parts are considered ineligible because the average cost is below the “high” threshold or are already considered served. (This map will also let you drill down on your neighborhood to see if it will be covered – give me a call if want help navigating it.)

Here is a link to the most recent FCC media release on this:

Q3: If their address does not fall within the green area on the map there is nothing that can be done to change that. If they are in the green area CenturyLink may or may not invest in that area. From what I understand they have not finalized their list of specific addresses that will be impacted but I think that the list is underway. 

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