Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Step 1

Our letter to CenturyLink seems to have disappeared into a black hole.  We will continue our efforts to find a contact there who can answer our questions.  In the meantime we are researching other solutions to our Internet problem.  There are many other small communities in the United States with the same issue.  

The first step is to find out how many households are affected.  We need to know how many residents in the 98596 zip code cannot get Internet at all and how many have Internet at speeds too slow to be effective.  This will help us determine which direction to focus our efforts.  We have the street info for those of you who added your names to the CenturyLink letter.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors in 98596 to share the following info with us via email winlockneedsinternet@gmail.com or by calling Michelle at 785-3122.
  1. Do you have Internet service?
  2. If so, who is your provider (CenturyLink, Hughesnet, etc.)?
  3. Are you satisfied with your download and upload speeds? (You can check your Internet speed at testmy.net)
  4. What is your street address? (if you don’t want to give your house number let us know the street name so we can get a clear picture of where the trouble spots are)
Once we have mapped out our needs we can figure out which solutions other towns have found might be a good fit here in Winlock.

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