Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hearsay from a CenturyLink Technician

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a CenturyLink van parked in front of the clear cut on South Military road near my house. A technician was walking through the area.  I stopped and asked him if he was here to expand internet service.  Sadly the answer was no.  He was investigating old telephone conduits running underground.  I asked if he knew of any plans to improve/create more internet around here.  He said there are no plans lined up.  He is aware of the Connect America Phase II funding. In fact he brought it up before I did.  His thoughts are that nothing will be done around here for a number of years yet.  Not what I was hoping to hear.  It does sound as though the funds might not yet be earmarked for specific locations.  Hopefully this gives us an opportunity to make some noise so CenturyLink knows we need help.

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  1. I have made calls all the way up the chain at CenturyLink. The last call took me to some engineer out in Idaho and the only thing he told me a couple months ago was that there was nothing in his system that showed Winlock as scheduled for any improvements so who knows if anything will ever happen here. I hope more people get involved and realize many voices are more powerful than just one voice.


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